Pseudo-Science And Your Baby


There is a scary trend in our instant world that we as parents should be alerted to: Pseudo-Science. What is Pseudo-science you ask? Pseudo-science is the act of passing off half-truths, incomplete data, and pure assumptions or personal opinions off as scientific fact and spoon-feeding it to the public. There is a particular glut of this going on concerning mothers and their babies. Why? Because in a world economy that is increasingly driven by how many “hits” you get on a website and where statistics are everything; the people behind these informational websites know that moms equal money. Mothers have become the powerhouse driving the internet in our world. They are constantly seeking new and innovative ways to make the lives of their families better. The problem with this is that science cannot keep up with the demand and the people we are looking towards to provide the latest and greatest are more than willing to share bullshit dressed up as fact. Continue reading