Why I Can’t Be Like “That” Mom

stephprofileBy MamaLP

I know I’m not alone when I log in to social media and snoop around “friends” pages and photos and then look around my house and think “why can’t I be like ‘that’ mom?” I know I’m a good mom, I take very good care of my house and family but sometimes I feel like the dirty laundry, spilled drinks and dust bunnies are what’s holding this house together. I see crafty ladies making all handmade everything for their kids birthdays and I see moms tackling sickness and running a house by herself. I see all the single moms working and taking care of their own and think I’m barely doing the job. I know everyone has their own struggle and I have plenty of my own that I talk about and some I don’t mention but sometimes… some days just making it through the day… getting to bedtime seems like a struggle.

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