Colleen is a stay at home mom of two. For our purposes here I will call them Thomas age 3.5 and Angelina age 10 months. I have a degree in Fine Arts and a passion for my children. I am not a perfect stay at home mom and more often then not I fail at the stereotypical mom activities. So I hope to give a voice to those of us who never set out to become a mom but stumbled ungracefully into it, finding in the end that this is who they were meant to be all along.

Introducing our newest writer: MamaLP

My name is mama LP
I am a mother of three
I have two daughters and a son
I’m not sure if he’ll be my only one
I’m done for now
At least until I can manage what my life has going on some how
I love staying at home with my babies
Even when the future is filled with so many maybes
They are my breathing beating heart
It kills me inside for us to be apart
I enjoy watching me grow
All things they will accomplish we have yet to know
What the future holds we shall see
But I do know Great people they are destined to be

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