Babies First Birthday Poll


Help! I did this wrong the first time!

In a recent discussion with a dear friend whose little charmer had just turned 1, my friend and I lamented how difficult birthday parties for younger children were. As a mother you want to give your kid the best party possible but what does that mean? Having an elaborate party can be expensive and overwhelming for everyone involved, but doing too little could make you feel like a bad parent. Families tend to want to go huge especially on a first birthday but is that the way to go? For Thomas we did a big party with family and friends in the middle of a snowy winter and it didn’t turn out that well. I was overwhelmed and felt like I had failed on multiple levels, we had invited too many people for the size space and Thomas had no idea what was occurring or why. Now in just a month and a half I am facing my little Angelina turning 1 YIKES! Please help me on how to handle this; I could use some objective input! I have included a poll but please feel free to elaborate in the comments 🙂 !

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