Plague Day


What do you get when you have two borderline zombie parents and two bored kids? What do you get when you have two borderline zombie parents and two bored kids? Miserable and vexed parents. I love my kids but when you feel like you just vacationed in a plague ward you can become slightly annoyed towards the adorable infectious little fleas who gave said plague so kindly to you. So while the zombie husband and I tried to block out chants of “Mumma, Daddy…” for reasons only known to the clurichaun; we naturally began to ponder how do we satisfy the endless pleasure seeking ways of our wee folk? Here is what we came up with:


Step 1- Dust off your childhood fort building blueprints and scramble to find supplies.


-2 chairs

-old curtain rod


Step 2- Start set up in an adjacent room *note this is important! Do not set up in the same room you expect to rest!

Step 3- Decorate the inside of the tent. Do not be fooled by thinking a simple fort will entertain mischievous children for long! Bring out the Christmas lights and add the ipad viewing experience, and don’t forget the elaborate train layout.

Step 4- Explain to your 3 year old that his little sister is only trying to play a game with him while she systematically destroys his train layout.

Step 5- Make popcorn and pizza…er…I mean cut organic apple slices and blueberries for snacks (Screw you! Zombies don’t care about judgmental organics!)

Step 6- Enjoy the rest you and your zombie spouse just bought yourself. Yes sometimes you have to play the devils game in order to reap the rewards.

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