Pseudo-Science And Your Baby


There is a scary trend in our instant world that we as parents should be alerted to: Pseudo-Science. What is Pseudo-science you ask? Pseudo-science is the act of passing off half-truths, incomplete data, and pure assumptions or personal opinions off as scientific fact and spoon-feeding it to the public. There is a particular glut of this going on concerning mothers and their babies. Why? Because in a world economy that is increasingly driven by how many “hits” you get on a website and where statistics are everything; the people behind these informational websites know that moms equal money. Mothers have become the powerhouse driving the internet in our world. They are constantly seeking new and innovative ways to make the lives of their families better. The problem with this is that science cannot keep up with the demand and the people we are looking towards to provide the latest and greatest are more than willing to share bullshit dressed up as fact. Continue reading


Why I Can’t Be Like “That” Mom

stephprofileBy MamaLP

I know I’m not alone when I log in to social media and snoop around “friends” pages and photos and then look around my house and think “why can’t I be like ‘that’ mom?” I know I’m a good mom, I take very good care of my house and family but sometimes I feel like the dirty laundry, spilled drinks and dust bunnies are what’s holding this house together. I see crafty ladies making all handmade everything for their kids birthdays and I see moms tackling sickness and running a house by herself. I see all the single moms working and taking care of their own and think I’m barely doing the job. I know everyone has their own struggle and I have plenty of my own that I talk about and some I don’t mention but sometimes… some days just making it through the day… getting to bedtime seems like a struggle.

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How to Survive: Your Spouse in the Hospital


Nobody wants to think about it, but at some point in your life you may face a situation where your spouse ends up in the hospital. As awful and hard as this can be the thing that can truly complicate matters is if you have children to take care of; particularly young ones. My husband and I have faced this harsh reality more then we would like to admit and it never gets easier to handle. In fact the older we have become (because yes, 30 feels ancient to us) the harder it has become to have one of us in the hospital. Life tends to throw more on us as we become older and good health isn’t normally one of those things. This last hospital stay left me with the realization that I could have used some help navigating the situation and how I should handle it with a 3yr old and a 10 month old. I decided that I would write some tips that might be of some use to other people who find themselves holding down the fort while their spouse is in the hospital. Continue reading

Welcome Home


Colleen is a stay at home mom of two. For our purposes here I will call them Thomas age 3.5 and Angelina age 10 months. I have a degree in Fine Arts and a passion for my children. I am not a perfect stay at home mom and more often then not I fail at the stereotypical mom activities. So I hope to give a voice to those of us who never set out to become a mom but stumbled ungracefully into it, finding in the end that this is who they were meant to be all along.